What is left for Sharapova after the defeat at the hands of Serena?

Undoubtedly many of Maria Sharapova’s fans sacrificed their sleep to watch her match on Tuesday. And what they’ve got? A catastrophic result, sluggish performance, banal excuses.

Most likely, Sharapova planned to play a couple of entertaining and solid rounds and calmly set off to heal the injury and prepare for exhibition matches. Unfortunately, her first rival was Serena Williams. The frustrating score looked more like one of the debutant girl, but not of the superstar’s, albeit former one.

Again her main excuse was the same − health problems. Let’s be honest former star Sharapova has almost no chance for the Tokyo Olympics and to reach the top of the Grand Slam tournaments. Guess it’s time to look for a new personal favourite at tennisbetslab.com.

Sure, most devoted fans will certainly not leave her even in such a situation. She was one of the brightest players in the last 15 years. However, after leaving the first top 100 list her tennis prospects look very grim.

Maria Sharapova can remain on the tennis scene and fulfill her sponsorship obligations even without torturing herself with painful and exhausting matches and shameful defeats. For example, Anna Kournikova participated in exhibition matches and commercial tournaments even ten years after leaving professional sports.

Perhaps now it makes sense for Sharapova to take the line of the least resistance and do the same way. Surely she will be in demand both as a commentator and as a participant in legends tournaments. Also, this will be much better for her injured shoulder, hip, elbow, etc